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the GWL Skatepark in Memory of Dale Hirrel gets some San Francisco exposure, Deluxe SF

Deluxe SF plugs the GWL Skatepark and Dale Hirrel

Our efforts are now reaching as far as San Fransisco! Thanks so much to DLXSF for helping us reach the followers of your brands (close to 42,000 of them on FB!) … helping us reach more skaters/riders in even more states like this will certainly help us reach our fundraising goal sooner than later. Deluxe Distribution was originally founded to distribute the Beware Record label and various small record labels popular with skateboarders, along with Supercush Bushings...

GWL Skatepark, Instagram

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GWL Skatepark launched it’s Instagram account, and we’re looking to see all your skateboard, bmx, scooter and inline skating escapades. Check us out, follow us and we’ll return the favor! Our inaugural post was dedicated to our beloved Dale Hirrel, and there will be more surprise posts celebrating the life of our good friend Dale. We’ll also be flooding our Instagram with images and videos of our our own love of the sports of skateboarding, bmx, scooters...