Robert Serafin

Robert Serafin

Board Trustee

Phone: 347-534-6961

Rob Serafin has been an avid skateboarder since 1988. As a young child living in northern New Jersey and then in Orange County, NY, he fell in love with the sense of community, friendship and support that is typical of local skate scenes. This love of community and connection has carried over into adulthood, with Rob being a member of several NYC area skate groups and participating in skateboarding events each year.

As a father, first living in NYC and now in Warwick since 2018, Rob has found a new connection to skateboarding through quality time with his two young daughters. Seeing their confidence, perseverance and  fun grow as they improve their skillset inspired Rob to get the family involved with groups like GRO (Girls Riders Organization) and Vans Girls, as well as participate in fundraising events to help build skateparks around New York and Baltimore, MD. He is dedicated to promoting skateboarding with positivity, and creating safe and fun spaces for skateboarders of all capabilities to enjoy together.

Robert works in NYC for a premier food and hospitality company. When he is not working or skateboarding, Rob enjoys renovating his 100+ year old home, playing music and hiking in the Warwick Valley with his wife and children.