GWL Skatepark

You can help create A safe skating environment for the kids and the community of Greenwood Lake, NY

Skateparks build and sustain healthy communities, providing a safe and controlled environment for people of all ages and experience levels to practice the art of skateboarding, show off their skills and share tips and experiences with one another. For many skateboarding youth, the skatepark becomes a home-away-from-home.

Just like every skatepark, the GWL Skatepark will be the result of a partnership between youth, government, and local civic organizations. In spite of their rough edges, skateboarding youth often prove to be incredible advocates for the things that are important to them, and the long process of skatepark development is transformative not just for the skateboarders, but for the agencies, business owners and individuals that work with them.

We are now accepting secure online donations on our Donation page. In addition, we are always accepting donations in the form of either cash or check. If you do not want to donate online, please try one of the following options:

Call Us

(845) 328-0020

Give us a call and we can make arrangements with you for a cash donation.

Email Us

Email our Sponsorship Director, Jonathan Sismey, with any questions about donating or learning more about our full range of sponsorship opportunities.

Mail us your Donation

PO Box 145
GWL, NY 10925

If you’d like to send us a donation via check, you can mail us at the above address.

Proposed site of GWL Skatepark, in Greenwood Lake NY
Proposed site of GWL Skatepark, in Greenwood Lake NY