The Greenwood Lake Reunion 2017, which is organized by local resident Tony Danato, was held Saturday, August 5th at the Elks Lodge. The event included food, drinks, a band, a DJ, free photos and video streaming of interviews with those in attendance, door prizes, souvenirs, activities for kids and charity competitions. This year Tony decided to also run a 50/50 raffle through which the event’s guests could rally to raise money for the GWL Skatepark!

The raffle initially raised $280 for the GWL Skatepark, which was amazing by itself. That was until the winning ticket was drawn and the winners, sisters Trisha Olsen Kasunic and Dawn Olsen Space, decided to donate their winnings back to the Skatepark as well! Due to Tony’s generosity and the generosity of the Olsen sisters, the 50/50 raised close to $500 in cash toward the construction of our skatepark, which is being built in memory of local skater Dale Hirrel.

The GWL Skatepark Corp. would like to extend its gratitude to Tony Donato, the Olsen sisters, and all those who participated in the 50/50 raffle at the Greenwood Lake Reunion 2017. Step by step, we will reach our goal and we’ll soon have a professional skatepark in our lovely village.