Since the installation of the first GWL Skatepark #DoItForDale donation boxes in Friendly Beer & Soda, Kwik Mart, and the Village Vape Shop, we now have close to twenty donation boxes installed in various business across both Greenwood Lake and Warwick, NY.

The donation boxes have been successful due in part to our board member George Berger of the Village Vape Shop and also of Juniors Skate and Sport, who has donated the multitude of stickers that have been delivered with each box. For a minimum $5 donation, anyone can get their own “GWL Skatepark – Do It For Dale” sticker. We have more styles of stickers ordered and will be offering them for sale online soon as well.

We’d like to offer a special thanks to those businesses who have already hosted one of these boxes, as currently they have been instrumental in raising several hundred dollars toward our goal! The following businesses have already hosted one of our donation boxes:

GWL Skatepark, Village Vape Shop, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Village Vape Shop, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Friendly Beer & Soda, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Planet Pizza, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Village Buzz, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, GWL Garden Center, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Mexican Zingo, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Subway, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Village Wine Company, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Kwik Mart, donation boxesGWL Skatepark, Your Business, donation boxes

We have more boxes, and we can produce more, so if you have a storefront in either Greenwood Lake or any of the surrounding towns (Warwick, West Milford, Monroe, Chester, etc.) and you would be willing to have one of our donation boxes on display to help us reach our goal, please contact us at 845-328-0020, or email our Sponsorship Director, Jonathan Sismey, at

For any of our grassroots fundraising efforts to be successful, we’ll need as much help as we can get spreading the word. If you know a business owner in our village or any of the surrounding villages/towns, please reach out to them and see if they will take part in making ours and Dale’s shared dream of a skatepark in Greenwood Lake, NY a reality!