Dale Hirrel

Dale's Story

Dale Hirrel dreamed of having a skatepark in his hometown of GWL, NY, and he wasn’t the only one that had that dream. Dale was tragically taken from us in April of  2016 when he perished as a passenger in a car accident at the young age of 16.

If you met Dale on the streets of GWL he would always greet you with his trademark bright, beautiful smile. Dale was kind and affectionate, and whether you met him once or you were lucky enough to know him for a long time,  you were most likely bound to get a hug.

Skating since the 7th grade, you could always find a baseball cap on his head and a skateboard in hand. Skateboarding was Dale’s passion. He also loved to rap and loved listening to country music. If you saw him chewing on something, it was most likely sunflower seeds, a habit that apparently drove his family nuts because they were all over the place.

Dale’s passion didn’t stop at skateboarding. There was his undeniable passion for chocolate milk. Dale also had a passion for work that stemmed from his jobs at Maskers apple orchard in the fall or Sterling Forest Ski Center in the kitchen where he mixed coleslaw (ironic because he hated mayonnaise). He also worked at Planet Pizza in Greenwood Lake.

Dale had been a student in GWL Elementary and Middle schools, after which he attended George F. Baker High School in Tuxedo, NY. When the school board relationship between George F. Baker High School and the Village of Greenwood Lake ended, he transferred to Chester High School for a short while before eventually attending Warwick High School.

Dale’s love for his family and friends was immeasurable. He was a young soul with a big heart and an even bigger personality.