A great time was had by all at the recent GWL Skatepark Movie Night fundraiser held on Friday, July 30th 2021 at The Thomas P. Morahan Waterfront Park in GWL for a screening of the 80’s classic The Goonies.  We were also supported by our friends at Avantoberfest, specialists in European cars, that provided an amazing show of classic and performance  cars from the region and who donated all the funds they raised that evening to GWL Skatepark which was amazing.  Thank you also to the Mayor of GWL, Jesse Dwyer, for attending and giving another great speech in support of the skatepark we intend to build here in Greenwood Lake in memory of Dale Hirrel and for the benefit of the entire community.

There were a few nervous moments as the crowd watched the GWL Skatepark team battle the gusty winds as they erected the giant outdoor screen. However, with plenty of volunteers on hand and some deftly tied ropes, the curtain finally went up around 9pm on the The Goonies and everyone sat back and relaxed under a clear star filled sky. Gauging from the laughter that erupted regularly that evening, the classic movie proved to be a hit with the kids and adults alike!

No movie would be complete without popcorn, so thanks go to the GWL Scouts and the Elks Center who let us borrow their machines. The smell of buttery delight was wafting through the air all evening and our young volunteers manning the stations were busy through the night until the evening wrapped up around 10.30pm.

Thank you to all that attended and a special thank you to all of those who made a donation and/or purchased our merchandise bringing us closer to reaching our fundraising goal to build a professional skatepark in GWL.  As a result of everyone’s generosity, Movie Night and the Avantoberfest car show raised over $2,500 towards that goal.