the GWL Skatepark in Memory of Dale Hirrel gets some San Francisco exposure, Deluxe SF

Deluxe SF plugs the GWL Skatepark and Dale Hirrel

Our efforts are now reaching as far as San Fransisco! Thanks so much to DLXSF for helping us reach the followers of your brands (close to 42,000 of them on FB!) … helping us reach more skaters/riders in even more states like this will certainly help us reach our fundraising goal sooner than later. Deluxe Distribution was originally founded to distribute the Beware Record label and various small record labels popular with skateboarders, along with Supercush Bushings...

GWL Skatepark - Fundraising - Greenwood Lake Reunion

Irish Whisper raises over $2,000 with Lepre-con Pub Crawl

It’s been far too long since we posted about the many amazing events and good deeds that have been moving GWL Skatepark Corp closer to our fundraising goal. There were several events since our last posting in August, but we want to start by thanking Joe and Maureen Anthony of The Irish Whisper for planning, organizing and hosting the Lepre-con Pub Crawl back in September. 68 people attended and a number of local establishments participated by hosting the revelers. Participants were ferried...

GWL Skatepark - Fundraising - Greenwood Lake Reunion

Greenwood Lake Reunion raises money for GWL Skatepark

The Greenwood Lake Reunion 2017, which is organized by local resident Tony Danato, was held Saturday, August 5th at the Elks Lodge. The event included food, drinks, a band, a DJ, free photos and video streaming of interviews with those in attendance, door prizes, souvenirs, activities for kids and charity competitions. This year Tony decided to also run a 50/50 raffle through which the event’s guests could rally to raise money for the GWL Skatepark! The raffle initially raised $280...

GWL Skatepark, Donation Boxes

#DoItForDale Donation Boxes are available!

Since the installation of the first GWL Skatepark #DoItForDale donation boxes in Friendly Beer & Soda, Kwik Mart, and the Village Vape Shop, we now have close to twenty donation boxes installed in various business across both Greenwood Lake and Warwick, NY. The donation boxes have been successful due in part to our board member George Berger of the Village Vape Shop and also of

GWL Skatepark Corp. is officially incorporated and ready for donations!

Skateboarding is fun … no doubt about it. Taking the steps to incorporate a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity in order to build a concrete flowpark-style skatepark … less fun. We speak from experience. Gladly, we are happy to announce that the GWL Skatepark Corp. is now officially a non-profit corporation (pending approval), so if you know a friend who’s dad has a cousin that works at a giant corporation, and that friend’s dad’s cousin may have a soft-spot for skateboarding, BMX, etc., send them to us. Tell...