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GWL Skatepark, Donation Boxes

#DoItForDale Donation Boxes are available!

Since the installation of the first GWL Skatepark #DoItForDale donation boxes in Friendly Beer & Soda, Kwik Mart, and the Village Vape Shop, we now have close to twenty donation boxes installed in various business across both Greenwood Lake and Warwick, NY. The donation boxes have been successful due in part to our board member George Berger of the Village Vape Shop and also of

GWL Skatepark

Website for GWL Skatepark, in memory of Dale Hirrel, goes LIVE!

Thank you all for waiting so patiently for the launch of our new website! It’s a humble beginning, but our intention is for this site to be the main hub of information for the entire process of the fundraising, skatepark design, and skatepark construction phases of the GWL Skatepark in Memory of Dale Hirrel. Read through the site, give us your feedback, and let’s start this journey together. There are many features still coming, including the ability to make a donation online,...

GWL Skatepark Corp. is officially incorporated and ready for donations!

Skateboarding is fun … no doubt about it. Taking the steps to incorporate a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity in order to build a concrete flowpark-style skatepark … less fun. We speak from experience. Gladly, we are happy to announce that the GWL Skatepark Corp. is now officially a non-profit corporation (pending approval), so if you know a friend who’s dad has a cousin that works at a giant corporation, and that friend’s dad’s cousin may have a soft-spot for skateboarding, BMX, etc., send them to us. Tell...

GWL Skatepark, Instagram

FOLLOW US on Instagram

GWL Skatepark launched it’s Instagram account, and we’re looking to see all your skateboard, bmx, scooter and inline skating escapades. Check us out, follow us and we’ll return the favor! Our inaugural post was dedicated to our beloved Dale Hirrel, and there will be more surprise posts celebrating the life of our good friend Dale. We’ll also be flooding our Instagram with images and videos of our our own love of the sports of skateboarding, bmx, scooters...

GWL Skatepark, in memory of Dale Hirrel, gets a little “airtime”

We’ve had our first public appearance, when our veep, Kurk Koziel, and I were invited to appear on the Greenwood Lake Radio show Friday morning, July 14th 2017 on WTBQ. The host of the show, Kevin Sweeney, and his guest co-host Padrick O’Donnel asked many poignant questions, and Kurk and I gave our best “college try” to send the message out that we’ve hit the ground running and we’re going to get this skatepark built. With any luck, we’ll be able to catch...